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Security Operations Center (SOC)
as a Service

We use the best of detection capabilities, forensic investigation tools and threat intelligence to investigate and respond to threats. In real time.


The benefits for your organisation:

__Secure working environment.

__ Employee visibility & control

__Speed. You benefit from our experience from dozens of private and public clients.

__Reduce the dependacy on expensive IT staff and reduce workload on your team


Security Operations Center (SOC)-as-a-service provides 24/7 cybersecurity monitoring without the need of long-term investment in software, hardware and staffing. The service is suitable for businesses and state institutions with internal IT teams, who have limited or no cybersecurity capabilities.

Our team consists of cybersecurity experts, security analysts and engineers. We are trained and experienced to detect, analyze and respond to cybersecurity incidents and threats and to prevent such instances from happening. Our expert staff works with programs and analytical tools that allow your business or organization to stay on top of the latest security threats in the online world.

Centralized Knowledge

With the myriad of attack vectors utilized by hackers to compromise a network, there is the possibility of some of them being overlooked. Our cybersecurity experts are better equipped to have a complete overview of the entire network and potential vulnerabilities. We share and store relevant security information centrally from different sources, such that the entire SOC-as-a-service team has access to the wider knowledge and are thereby better equipped to identify and neutralize threats.

Skilled Expertise

Amidst the shortage of skilled cybersecurity specialists, we provide an avenue for businesses to readily locate and engage the services of trained professionals. Our SOC-as-a-service team comprises cybersecurity experts with diverse skillsets, to develop and provide complete cybersecurity solutions.

Adequate Response Time

We reduce your reaction time to an identified threat or vulnerability to acceptable levels. Predictive security measures are focused to mitigate all known weak point of your infrastructure and minimize possible attack surface to protect your business goals.

Cost Control

Outsourcing security operations is more up to 10 times more cost-effective than staffing and developing an internal cybersecurity team.

Threat Monitoring

Our SOC-as-a-service provides enhanced threat monitoring of businesses. Our team is trained and equiped to recognize and contain even the most modern and well hidden threats. This enables us to spot potential network vulnerabilities and address them before they become an issue.

Threat Reports

With a decentralized cybersecurity strategy, potential threats will be reported from more than one location. This may result in a quicker response to the reported threats because of the shared knowledge and already known mitigation steps. Such improvement in reaction speed is considered priceless for modern cyber security defense.

Improved Collaboration

SOCs allow for greater collaboration and coordination among members of the customer IT or cybersecurity team. Since there are “four eyes” looking at the same problem, and because each one is independent from another, the level of cyber security is constantly increasing naturally.