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Count on our White-Hat Hackers for:


    We discover how attackers can infiltrate your systems – and stop them before they do so, by reducing the risk for your organization’s existence. We reveal the weaknesses in your outwards-facing systems and networks by using our industry leading expertise and threat intelligence.


    Every IT infrastructure consists of a variety of devices and components. We make all of them work as a single unit, that is as hard as possible to penetrate.

    The goal is simple: to achieve better IT security, to minimize the risk of successful attacks, and to ensure your information stays and goes where it should. With the added benefit of building greater resiliency towards future incidents.


    Applications are the lifeline of any business today – and they are under attack more than ever before. That is why simply securing your network parameters just won’t be enough. After our test you will be sure that the code written for an application does what it was built to do, and keeps the contained data secure

Not just a solution but a continous process:


    We track the behavior or protected systems and continually investigate, block and mitigate threats on the network and endpoint base around the clock.

    The moment a red flag appears we discover and control the breach. Once we have performed containment actions, we start with instructing and helping your team to respond quickly and effectively, getting you back to business faster.


    We have developed a methodology for aggressively seeking out sophisticated threat behaviors that might elude even the best security systems.

    We discover potential attack vectors, proactively seek threats designed to stay under the radar, and minimize the possibilities for effective attack against you.

    We weed out false positives and find the real threats in real-time. We look for artifacts left be hackers to discover if you have been compromised and to prevent further breaches.


    We are a team of security experts with extensive experience in threat management and incident response. Moreover, we tailor for you a multi-layered security strategy that enables us to effectively predict and understand the cyber threats that imperil your key assets.

    That way we can guide your security team to focus on prioritizing resources so they can respond to impending cyber-attacks.

    We provide this necessary foresight with timely, comprehensive, contextually-rich and actionable guidance and knowledge that we improve every single day.


    Modern attacks are designed to act under the radar to steal your data. We provide you with an in-depth insight into you overall environment and infrastructure health, while proactively seeking those hidden threats. You get end-to-end visibility, IT security and compliance, but also awareness about the weak links in your security chain.

Make a winning move with our services:


    Let us turn your networking equipment into the well-orchestrated solution that will become the backbone of your operations. We develop a unique methodology, keeping in mind your specific needs and way of work.

    We help you omit bottlenecks and ensure that every piece of the puzzle fits exactly where it should. Because even with the right tools and intentions, there simply isn’t one correct way to do it.


    We translate your business needs and written plans and requirements into IT solutions and provide you with an evaluation based on multiple pillars of expertise in order to engineer the most cost effective and stable strategies. We keep your IT infrastructure and your staff in the same tempo as your business and it’s growth.


    We make sure that the concept of security and privacy becomes rooted deeply into every procedure in your organization. To achieve that, we are going to analyze your business and identify all proccesses along the way that are prone to risk or failure.

    After that, we combine our assessment result with expert knowledge and devise a system for you and your employees to follow. All for the goal of guaranteeing the maximum level of protection.


    We help you achieve compliance with a globally recognized data protection standard – ISO/IEC 27001 and support you in protecting the data that is important to you.


    Employees are part of an organization’s attack surface, and ensuring they have the know-how to defend themselves and the organization against threats is a critical part of a healthy security program. This is where we come in.

    Our experts will make sure your employees fully understand the current security risks, have good security culture and know how to apply this knowledge in their day to day work.

GDPR is here to stay. We will make sure your business follows suit:

    We identify the gaps between your company and GDPR’s requirements

    To make sure you are completely on the safe side of the regulation, you would need to fully understand your data inventory, map out processes and look for gaps between your current procedures and their regulation-complient version.

    Except you don’t have to – we will do this for you.

    Through careful analysis carried out by regulation compliance experts, we make sure you are as GDPR-ready as possible. Let us make sure that you’re legally impeccable and give you a good reason to rest easy amid these turbulent changes.

    What you get:

    Legal and organizational (GAP) analysis

    - Complete analysis of the personal data you operate with and the way it is processed;
    - Analysis of third party personal data exchange, including agreements;
    - Analysis of roles and responsibilities regarding personal data processing;
    - Analysis of personal data-related procedures, working instructions etc.

    Technological audit and analysis

    - We identify structured and unstructured flaws of personal data;
    - We identify risks related to activities, processes, technical measures and devices;
    - Analysis of security measures inside your organization’s IT infrastructure;
    - Analysis of personal data-related internal procedures, instructions, regulations etc.;
    - Analysis of the process of reporting, reacting to incidents and gathering evidence.

    Your customers won’t even notice it if you plan carefully

    How you approach GDPR compliance depends on the specifics of your organization abd many external factors. All approaches can be grouped under only two labels – those that work and those that don’t.

    What we offer you is not a plan that just works. It is a plan that works for you - completely custom tailored to your activities and specific procedures. Outlined in an efficiently systematized way and easy to follow.

    Nothing works more effectively than a tried and true technical solution

    We can help you for your legal compliance implementation but it should be obvious to you that technology is our passion and thus our strongest suit.

    Choosing the right software or hardware solution for your infrastructure strongly depends on how you intend to use it. Many of the products out there might be too much or not enough for you. To save you the cost of both scenarios, we’ll pick the right ones and then install and configure them.

    What you get:

    - Establishment of methodology for risk assessment in personal data processing;
    - Establishment of compliance with GDPR
    - Establishment of internal rules and policies for information classification;
    - Establishment of IT procedures for improving personal data security and GDPR compliance;
    - Analysis of security monitoring tools and suggest improvement;
    - Check and Analysis of the ability to encrypt, anonymize/pseudonymize and backup data;
    - Custom procedures for reporting personal data violations based on your needs;
    - Staff trainings.

    An expert is waiting to tackle your problems

    You can probably name a few types of data that are important to you – financial records, intellectual property and much more. To help you keep it safe, we will help you achieve compliance with globally recognized data protection standards – ISO/IEC 27001.

    Through this process you will not only build a safer, less risk-prone environment but you will also improve your reputation. Complying to an internationally acknowledged protection standard is a sure sign of reliability that your partners and customers will recognize.

    What your DPO as a service does:

    - Informs, advises and gives recommendations in the field of data protection;
    - Takes part in staff trainings;
    - Advises on personal data protection;
    - Communicates with data subjects;


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