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Better Cyber-Security.
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We help you protect your most valuable business assets – your data, your endpoints and apps, your customers and employees. By using our top-notch experience and expertise, we create a cyber security program tailored to your individual business needs or we perfect your existing one. Take a look below:

  1. Security Assessment

    We assess the strengths and weaknesses of your security in order to build a personalized cyber security program or refine your existing one.

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  2. Security Operations Center

    We use the best of detection capabilities, along with forensic investigation tools and threat intelligence to investigate and respond to threats. In real time.

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  3. GDPR Compliance

    We can evaluate your readiness, complete your compliance planning, and create and implement the right security procedures for your business and employees.

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Act before it's too late

Threat levels increase and attack become more sophisticated every year, yet most organizations act only when it’s too late.

Cybercrime is causing a decrease in revenue and reduction in the company’s value. Even more disturbing is the fact that on average it takes 205 days before a company realizes it has been hit by a cyber-attack. And this is just one of the dangers from the outside.

Have you thought about the inside threat vectors?

Now more than ever, employees are working from different locations, using personal devices to remotely log into your applications. As a result, you don’t know who’s accessing what, and how.

It’s time to rethink security.

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IT Security Experts at Your Service

Founded in 2014 Baseline IT Security is one of the first Security Operations Centers (SOC) on the Balkan Peninsula. Based in Sofia, Bulgaria, our mission has been to help business grow to their fullest potential.

To us, cyber security is not a matter of protecting your laptops, smartphones or servers. It’s a matter of protecting your business. We preserve and uphold what your clients and partners respect the most: your brand name and reputation.

We know information security is not a software or hardware solution that magically fixes everything. It’s a continuous, complex process. Our team of experts – each with more than a decade of experience in IT security – will guide you through it.

And we will make sure this process, and your business, never stops.

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